With over 3.48 million apps and over a billion users as of 2021, the popularity of the Google Play Store as a platform for the distribution, promotion, and sale of Android apps is undeniable. Like any platform of this scale, it comes with its own rules, regulations, procedures, and policies with which developers must comply. 

Words form the basic building blocks of communication in any language. And so, vocabulary building plays a vital role in learning a new language. The higher number of words that a learner “knows”, the easier it is for her to read and understand a text in that language.

The ‘Parents As Teachers’ program aims to bring about a change in the mindset of low income parents and rural parents about their role in the child’s development and education. The program was a collaboration between Gyan Prakash Foundation and EkStep Foundation.

Mantra4Change, conducted an experiment to study the effectiveness of technology in improving learning outcomes. The objectives were to improve learning outcomes, use after-school hours profitably and increase parents’ investment in their children’s education.