Improvedd literacy and numeracy by
increasing access to learning opportunities
for 200 million children of India


Catalyse an enabling environment and amplify the efforts of the vast education ecosystem consisting of governments, not-for-profits and markets.

To craft programs, contextual solutions and platforms that enhance the capabilities of individuals and institutions in the ecosystem so as to improve teaching and learning experiences at population scale in a sustainable and inclusive manner.

Create and expand access to digital public goods for learning that serve the needs of learners, teachers, parents and administrators. 

Sunbird licenced under MIT license is an open source digital infrastructure for learning developed by following a building blocks approach and open architecture principles.

Leverage open digital infrastructure to enable access, affordability and choice, in diverse contexts by orchestrating the co-creation of contextual solutions, programs and innovations. 

DIKSHA, the national school education platform uses Sunbird and is able to deliver courses for teachers at national scale and access to learning content for students across the country in 35 languages.